An Interactive, Generative, Audio-Visual, Multi-Touch Installation

About Souvi

Dive into Souvi's world and experience how your drawing sounds like.
We invite you to become a composer in this world of extraordinary imagination.
Based on synesthesia, Souvi takes on the connection between sight and hearing.

Souvi has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of interactive media students at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany and was awarded with a Special Award for interdisciplinary art from “Art of Engineering”, Ferchau GmbH, 2010.

Souvi has been on display at the following venues:
Damen und Herren, Düsseldorf, 2012
FMX 2010, Stuttgart, 2010
Hannover Messe International, Hannover, 2009
German Museum of Technology, Berlin, 2009
Lab.30, Augsburg, 2009

Meet the Team behind Souvi

Michael Ilg
Sound Design

Peter W. Alt
Hardware, Tracking

Daniel Fontes

Frank Robnik
Visual Design

Rainer Wagner

Veronica Hanglberger

Björn Gottwald
Project Management

Thomas Rist

Tobias Grewenig

Contact us

Feel free to email us - we're always interested in meeting new people, get inspired or exhibit our installation!